About Cheese for Mouse

     "Time is the one thing we possess. Our success depends upon the use of our time, and its by-product, the odd moment.” Arthur Brisbane (12.12.1864.-12.25.1936.)      Thank you for looking at the Cheese fo...


About creator

   Who is Normunds Zukovskis? Normunds Zukovskis is the creator of the Cheese for Mouse board game. It all had started when Normunds was looking for a way to tell his kids about life values. Observing the children who increas...


Creation of Cheese for Mouse  

     Why and how has Normunds Žukovskis created the Cheese for Mouse board game?     The answer is simple. As Normunds’s kids were growing up, he had to find a way to teach them the understanding, wisdom and ways of life. He realised that it was very difficult to keep the kids’ attention and get them away from computer games and TV. Talking did not help much, good advice was listened to, but never followed. He started to look for a way and found it. The solution was simple, a board game to entertain the kids and have their 100% attention. It was then when he started to think abo